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Blackjack PershingWho was the General of the U.S. Armies in 1918?
Big BerthaWhat was the nickname of Germany's large howitzer?
Alvin YorkWho was the hero of the Battle of Argonne?
BARON VON RICHTHOFENWhat German flying ace shot down 80 enemy aircraft?

World War I

World War I’s original name before WW II The Great War

His assassination started the war Archduke Francis Ferdinand

City where Francis Ferdinand was assassinated Sarajevo

Germany, Austria-Hungary alliance Central Powers

Britain, France, and Russia alliance Triple Entente

General of U.S. Armies, 1918 Gen. John “Blackjack” Pershing

French leader Georges Clemenceau

German leader Kaiser Wilhelm II

German flying ace Baron Manfred von Richtofen (The Red Baron, 80 kills)

Maker of Richtofen’s airplane type Fokker

American flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker

Battle that stopped German advance, 1914 First Battle of the Marne

British passenger liner sank, May, 1915 Lusitania

British-German naval battle for the North Sea, 1916 Battle of Jutland

Major French/German battle, 1916 Battle of Verdun

Start of Allied offensive, 1918 Second Battle of the Marne

French Marshal at the Battle of the Marne Marshall Ferdinand Foch

Hero of the Battle of Argonne Alvin York

Female spy for Germany in France Mata Hari

Mata Hari’s native country The Netherlands

Ill-fated Turkish landing site Gallipoli

Woodrow Wilson’s post-war policy Fourteen points

Belgian cemetery Flanders Field

German 43-ton Howitzer “Big Bertha”

British nurse executed by the Germans Dame Edith Cavell

Salvation Army worker Evangeline Booth

Treaty ending the war Treaty of Versailles

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