Sickness & Health

Twenty-four hour human biological rhythmCircadian rhythm

Common name for pertussisWhooping cough

Common name for neoplasmTumor

Common name for consumptionTuberculosis

Common name for rubellaGerman measles

Common baby diseaseColic

Common name for myopiaNear-sightedness

Common name for varicellaChicken pox

Common name for conjunctivitisPink eye

Common name for DaltonismColor blindness

Common name for alopeciaBaldness

Common name for amyotrophic lateral sclerosisLou Gehrig’s disease

Hyperactive child disorderAttention deficit hyperactive disorder

Damaged brain stem diseasePolio

Disease of hardening of the artery wallsArteriosclerosis

Inflammation, pain, and swelling of the jointsArthritis

Memory loss associated with the elderlyAlzheimer’s disease

Disease that destroys myelin sheaths in nerve fibersMultiple sclerosis

Bacterial disease causing abdominal pain and dehydrationCholera

Diver’s condition of nitrogen bubbles in the bloodBends

Lumbar puncture, a.k.aSpinal tap

Chronic respiratory disease that includes spasmsAsthma

Scar tissue of the liver caused by alcoholismCirrhosis

Reduced bone mass diseaseOsteoporosis

Iron or hemoglobin deficiencyAnemia

Hereditary bleeding diseaseHemophilia

Low blood pressureHypotension

High blood pressureHypertension

Low blood sugarHypoglycemia

When body temperature drops below 95 degreesHypothermia

Anxiety about healthHypochondria

“Splitting of the mind” phenomenonSchizophrenia

Hansen’s or Father Damian’s DiseaseLeprosy

Insulin deficiency disorderDiabetes

Enlargement of the thyroid gland by iodine deficiencyGoiter

Disorder resulting in weakness of the facial musclesBell’s palsy

Plague that spread across 14th century EuropeBubonic plague or Black Death

Mary Mallon’s disease (1904-15)Typhoid

Joint disorder caused by mosquitosDengue fever

Viral haemorrhagic disease caused by mosquitosYellow fever

Parasitic disease caused by mosquitosMalaria

“Kissing disease” Mononucleosis

Mononucleosis germEpstein-Barr

Scarlet fever germStreptococci

Virus that appeared in Zaire in 1995Ebola

Mutation bacteria that causes paralyzing crampsE. coli

Common virus that causes coldsRhinovirus

Paralyzing food poisoning caused by a toxinBotulism

Food poisoning that effects gastrointestinal tractSalmonella

Blockage of an artery by a bubble or blood clotEmbolism

Bulge in an artery wallAneurysm

When the spinal cord blocks painAnalgesia

Inflammation of the tongueGlossalgia

Steroid that relieves arthritis painCortisone

Malaria medicine from cinchona tree barkQuinine

Disease of the gumGingivitis

Gum doctorPeriodontist

Thyroid diseaseGrave’s Disease

Food aversion disorderAnorexia nervosa

Binge eating and purging diseaseBulimia

Syndrome involving barking and cursingTourette’s syndrome

Disorder of the wristCarpal Tunnel Syndrome

Retardation caused by an extra chromosomeDown’s Syndrome

Yellowing of the skin caused by excessive bileJaundice

Brief stopping of breathing during sleepSleep apnea

Standing or sudden sleep disorderNarcolepsy

Disease with raised fluid pressure on the eyeGlaucoma

Clouding of the crystalline lens of the eyeCataract

Eye lens refractive defectAstigmatism

Affliction in which children are socially withdrawnAutism

Rhinitis affects thisNose

Encephalitis is a disease of this organBrain

Pyelonephritis is a disease of this organKidney

Tuberculosis is a disease of this organLungs

Tuberculosis a.k.aConsumption

Hepatitis is a disease of this organLiver

Hormone prescribed to promote fertilityEstrogen

Swelling of salivary glands is symptom of thisMumps

Compound carried by high and low density lipoproteinsCholesterol

Most common cause of death in AmericaHeart disease

Second-most common cause of death in AmericaCancer

First organ to be transplanted, 1954Kidney

How fetal defects are detectedAmniocentesis

“Picture” of an unborn childSonogram

Equipment used to electrically restart the heartDefibrillator

Surgery to correct myopiaRadio caritodimy

Common name of diazepamValium

The study of cancerOncology

RICERest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

PTSDPost traumatic stress disorder

Vitamin deficiency causing night blindnessA (retinol)

Vitamin deficiency causing beriberiB-1 (thiamine)

Vitamin deficiency causing lesionsB-2 (riboflavin)

Vitamin deficiency causing anemiaB-6 (niacin)

Vitamin of folic acidB-9

Vitamin deficiency causing pernicious anemiaB-12

Vitamin deficiency causing scurvyC (ascorbic acid)

Vitamin deficiency causing ricketsD

Blood clotting vitaminK