What ship was sunk on May 7, 1915 by a German U-boat?
What "Spectral ship" destined to sail the seas forever?
USS IntrepidWhat aircraft carrier is a floating museum in New York Harbor

What ship is known as "Old Ironsides" although its hull is made primarily from Georgia oak?
Sung about by John Denver, what is the name of Jacques Cousteau's research ship?
Pacific Princess On the TV series The Love Boat, what was the name of the ship?
Costa ConcordiaWhat cruise ship capsized off the coast of Italy in 2012?



Ship of:

Charles Darwin Beagle

Sir Francis Drake The Golden Hinde

Pilgrims Mayflower

Henry Hudson (crew mutinied) Half Moon

Captain Bligh The Bounty

Admiral Horatio Nelson Victory

John Paul Jones Bonhomme Richard

Christopher Columbus (flagship) Santa Maria

Captain Cook Discovery

Captain Ahab (fictional) Pequod

Captain Nemo’s submarine (fictional) Nautilus

Roald Amundsen Fram

Thor Heyerdahl’s raft Kon-Tiki

Oliver Hazard Peary Lawrence

Robert Fulton Clermont

Jacques Yves Cousteau Calypso (sung about by John Denver)

Other facts:

Mayflower’s sister ship Speedwell

Monitor’s ironclad adversary Merrimack

Merrimack’s southern name Virginia

USS Constitution “Old Ironsides”

“Small vessel” sailing ship Caravel

Fastest sailing ship Clipper ship

Clipper ship that set New York to San Francisco record, 1851 Flying Cloud

Clipper ship of fame Cutty Sark

One-masted ship Sloop

Ship with one mast and a single jib Schooner

Four-masted ship Barquentine (Barque)

Ships that sailed to Jamestown, 1607 Susan Constant, Discovery, Godspeed

"Spectral ship" destined to sail the seas forever Flying Dutchman

Ship of the 1839 slave mutiny Amistad

First steam powered ship to cross the Atlantic Savannah

Ship that sank on April 14, 1912 Titanic

Ship that came to the Titanic’s rescue Carpathia

Ship that sank on May 7, 1915 Lusitania

Ship that sank in 1956 collision with Stockholm Andrea Doria

“Ghost ship” found abandoned in 1872 Marie Celeste

Ship sunk in Havana harbor, 1898 Maine

Titanic’s sister ships Brittanic, Olympic

Lusitania’s sister ship Mauritania

Russian ship where crew mutinied Potempkin

German pocket battleship scuttled in Montevideo in 1939 Graf Spee

Ill-fated German battleship Bismarck

Ship hijacked by North Korea Pueblo

Ship hijacked by Cambodia Mayaguez

First nuclear-powered submarine Nautilus

First nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Enterprise

Aircraft carrier on dislay in New York Harbor Intrepid

Freighter that sank in Lake Superior, 1975 Edmond Fitzgerald

Liner hijacked by Palestinians, 1985 Achille Lauro

Greenpeace research vessel, sank in 1985 Rainbow Warrior

Dennis Conner’s America’s Cup yacht, 1987 Stars and Stripes

Alaskan oil spill ship, 1989 Exxon Valdez

“Royal” liner in service for Cunard Queen Elizebeth II (QE2)

Cruise ship that capsized off the coast Italy, 2012 Costa Concordia

John F. Kennedy’s PT-boat PT-109

Lieutenant Commander McHale’s PT-boat PT-73

Cruise ship on The Love Boat Pacific Princess

Gilligan’s lost tour boat USS Minnow

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