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What is this French soup made from leaks and potatoes?
What spicy Thai soup is made from shrimp, basil, mushrooms, lemon grass and chili peppers.
What German pastry is often made with apples, cherries and cheese?
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Hungarian meat stew Goulash

Indian relish Chutney

Russian beet soup Borscht

Russian beef and sour cream dish Beef stroganoff

Polish or Yugoslavian sausage Kielbasa

Italian corn meal pudding Polenta

Italian "thick soup" Ministrone

Italian “little tongue” noodles Linguini

Italian “little worm” noodles Vermicelli

Italian Custard Zabaglione

Italian Sausage Salami

Italian rice soup Risotto

Italian pototo dumplings Gnocchi

Italian veal and ham dish Saltimbocca

Italian dish using thin cut of veal Scallopini

Italian sauce with pine nuts Pesto

Italian “springtime” pasta asta primavera

Italian “before meal” appetizer Antipasto

Italian ice cream Gelato

German popular veal dish Wiener Schnitzel

German cherry soup Kirsch

German sausage Knockwurst

German cabbage dish Sauerkraut

German pot roast marinated in vinegar Sauerbraten

German pastry with apples, cherries and cheese Strudel

German peppery rabbit stew Hasenpfeffer

French salad containing greens, olives, tuna & potatoes Salade Nicoise

French molded gelatin salad Aspic

French leek and potato soup Vichysoisse

French chowder with several kinds of fish Bouillabasse

French finely cut raw beef dish Steak tartare

French beef tenderloin, made for two Chateaubriand

French paste with goose liver Paté de fois gras

French relish from eggplant Ratatouille

French egg and bacon pie Quiche Lorraine

French buttery sponge cake Madeline

French sauce with egg yolk, mustard, and tabasco Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce with tarragon and vinegar added Bearnaise sauce

French orange flaming dish Crepes Suzette

Roast beef covered with paté de fois gras Beef Wellington

Greek lamb dish Souvlaki

Greek popular beef sandwich Gyro

Greek dish with eggplant Moussaka

Japanese meat and vegetable dish Sukiyaki

Japanese mushroom Shiitake

Japanese beef Kobe

Japanese noodles Soba

Jewish meat pie Canis

Jewish stuffed egg pancake Blintze

Mid-east processed wheat found in tabbouleh Bulgur (wheat  berries)

Mid-eastern Bulgur wheat salad Tabrile

Mid-eastern paste with sesame seeds Tahini

Mid-east thin sliced dough Phyllo

Algerian or North African steamed semolina dish Couscous

Mediterranean honey, nuts and filo pastry Baklava

English “modest” pie Humble pie

English popover Yorkshire pudding

Scottish tea treat Scone

Scottish dish of sheep innards and oatmeal Haggis

Spanish cold tomato soup Gazpacho

Mexican sausage Chorizo

Mexican spicy chocolate sauce Molé

Mexican tripe soup Minuto

Cheese on toast Welsh rarebit

Baked ice cream and sponge cake dessert Baked Alaska

Pennsylvania Dutch apple dessert Apple pan dowdy

Pennsylvania Dutch treat Funnel cakes

Flaming cherries dessert Cherries jubilee

Flaming banana dessert Bananas Foster

Flaming French dessert Crepes Suzette

Hawaiian taro root dish Poi

Thai shrimp soup Tom yum goong

Corn served with the hull and germ removed Hominy

Cajun stew with ham Jambalaya

Creole stew Gumbo

Louisiana spicy crawfish tails Cajun popcorn

Chinese cabbage Bok choy

Marzipan paste nut Almond

Hazel nuts Filberts

Triangular Amazon nut Brazil nut

Praline nut Pecan

Chickpeas aka Garbonzo beans

Beans with most fiber Pinto beans

Soy milk or soybean curd Tofu

Tofu legume Soy bean

Cooking banana Plantain

Lens shaped legumes, high in protein Lentils

Pig intestines Chitlins (chitterlings)

Corned beef and lima beans dish Succotash

Beef soup made from the tail Ox tail soup

Brunswick stew meat Squirrel

Turkey gravy or turkey innards Giblets

Pumpernickel grain Rye

Tapioca root Casaba

Fried Squid Calamari

Source of caviar Sturgeon

“Elastic” protein found in wheat Gluten

Raw material for chocolate Cacao bean

Combined coffee and chocolate flavor Mocha

Course ground grain of Durham wheat Semolina

Nondigestible food Fiber

Pickled beef Corned beef

Controversial fat substitute Olestra

Red-leaf salad ingredient Radicchio

Ricotta liquid Whey

Jelly thickener Pectin

Scientific name for sugar Sucrose

Fruit sugar Fructose

Milk sugar Lactose

Black strap sweetener Molasses

Fruit and nut cereal introduced in 19th century Mueslix

Dutch cheese with wax coating Gouda

English blue cheese Stilton

French cream cheese Neufchatel

Greek salad cheese Feta

“King of cheeses” Brie

Pizza cheese used as string cheese Mozzarella

K Paul’s chef Paul Prudhomme

“The Galloping Gourmet” Graham Kerr

“Favorites from New York Times” chef Craig Claiborne

Austrian celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck

"Bam!" celebrity TV chef Emeril Lagasse

The French Chef TV star Julia Child

She wrote the Boston Cook Book Fannie Farmer

She wrote The Joy of Cooking Irma Raumbauer

She wrote The Classic Italian Cookbook Marcella Hazen

Japanese/American TV cooking series The Iron Chef

Herbs and Spices:

Expensive yellow-orange spice Saffron

“Tasty” spice Savory

Quill spice or red spice from evergreen tree Cinnamon

Egg nog topper Nutmeg

Nutmeg coat spice Mace

Tobacco spice from Madagascar used for toothaches Cloves

“Master spice” Pepper

East Indian spice Curry

Hungarian spice Paprika

Jamaican multi-flavored spice Allspice

Licorice-flavored seeds Anise

Grass-like herb used to top potatoes Chives

Laurel tree food flavoring Bay leaf

Chinese parsley or coriander leaves Cilantro

Italian sausage flavoring Fennel

Flavoring sold in cloves Garlic

Rye bread herb Caraway

Symbol of remembrance, needle shaped spice Rosemary

Source of digitalis Foxglove

Indian bitter orange spice Turmeric

Marjoram Oregano

Clam chowder spice Thyme

“Sweet” annual aromatic herb Basil

Spice and French Guiana capital Cayenne

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