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Panama HatWhat is the name of this style of hat, originally developed in Equador?
Giovanni VersaceWhat fashion designer was slain in Miami in 1997?
Beau BrummellWhat 19th century English iconic figure is still associated with style and good looks?
DEERSTALKER HATWhat type of double-billed hat was made famous by the Sherlock Holmes character?
YVES SAINT LAURENTWhat fashion designer was discovered by Christian Dior in 1957?
CORDUROYWhat fabric has up to 22 wales per inch?
Tommy HilfigerWhat fashion dsigner is known for his red, white and blue logo?
CHESTERFIELDWhat is the name of a topcoat with a velvet collar?



East Indian dress Sari

Kimono sash Obi

Tuxedo sash Cummerbund

Dress short in the front, long in the back Mullet

Hernia supporter Truss

Rump padding Bustle

Tight bottom shirt Hobble shirt

Hawaiian shirt Aloha shirt

Printed African shirt Dashiqiao

Matador jacket Bolero

Suit with vertical stripes Seersucker

1940’s “hepcat” suit style Zoot Suit

Bridal skullcap Juliet

Basque cap Beret

Central American hat originally made in Equador Panama hat

Sherlock Holmes' double-billed hat Deerstalker

Inverness coat attachment Cape

Topcoat with a velvet collar Chesterfield

Fabric with 22 wales per inch Corduroy

Plaid pattern Tartan

Scottish material Tweed

Scottish tartan sock pattern Argyle

Worsted fabric Wool

Fabric made from flax Linen

Canvas fabric Cotton

Wedding veil fabric Tulle

Flag material Bunting

Fine natural fiber from south Asia Cashmere

Angora goat fabric Mohair

Book cover fabric Muslin 

Thin crinkly fabric Crepe

Tobacco cloth Cheese cloth

See-through woven fabric Gauze

Glazed cotton fabric Chintz

Small bit of metal on an outfit Sequin

Metallic thread material Lamé

Woman’s slip on shoe Pump

Hair style using extensions Weave

French female pants designer Coco Channel

18th century English fashion authority Beau Brummell

She designed sports attire for women in the 1850’s Amelia Bloomer

Revolutionary War seamstress Betsy Ross

Fashion designer who won 8 Oscars Edith Head

She initiated the “waif look” Twiggy

London designer of the miniskirt Mary Quant

DFV fashion designer Diane von Firstenburg

DKNY fashion designer Donna Karan

He had Polo line Ralph Lauren

Iman’s fashion designer Claude Montana

“New Look” and “Y” Line designer Christian Dior

Chief designer for Christian Dior, 1957 Yves Saint Laurent

Designer with trademark red, white, and blue nautical flag Tommy Hilfiger

Russian-Italian fashion designer Oleg Cassini

He designed Italian Air Force uniforms Georgio Armani

Italian handbag and apparial designer Muiccia Prada

Pancake makeup maker Max Factor

Fashion designer slain, 1997 Gianni Versace

Hollywood fashion street Rodeo Drive

London fashion street Carnaby Street

High fashion in France Haute couture

15th century decortive virility pouch codpiece

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