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Anna PavlovaWhat early 20th century Russian ballerina was noted for dancing the Dying Swan?
In ballet, what is an act of spinning on one foot, with the raised foot touching the knee?
What 1948 ballet movie inspired many a young girl to take ballet lessons?

Who defected from the Kirov Ballet in 1961?

In what ballet move does a dancer extent the leg back 90 degrees?
Who made fan dancing a work of artistic expression?



Andalusian (Gypsy) danceFlamenco

Argentine (seductive) danceTango

English-Irish danceJig

Bohemian dancePolka

Brazilian dancesLambada and Samba

Cuban line danceConga

Polish national danceMazurka

Spanish dance with one hand over headBolero

Spanish dance with castanetsFandango

Italian danceTarantella

Tango relativeMambo

“Vulgar” French danceCan Can

Court dance of Louis XIVMinuet

3/4 time Viennese danceWaltz

1940s-50s jive danceJitterbug

Sailor’s danceHornpipe

Court dancePavan

Other Facts:

Igor Stravinsky puppet balletPetrushka

Stravinsky ballet that caused a riot at its premierRite of Spring

Stravinsky ballet of a magical bird Firebird

Peter Tchaikovsky Christmas balletThe Nutcracker

Other Tchaikovsky balletsSwan Lake, Sleeping Beauty

Russian ballet company, 1909-1929Ballet Russes

Ballet Russes directorSeirge Diaghilev

Ukrainian-born dancer, came to the U.S. in 1916Vaslav Nijinsky

Dying Swan ballerinaAnne Pavlova

Native American prima ballerinaMaria Tallchief

Noted fan dancerSally Rand

Moscow Square ballet theaterBolshoi

St. Petersburg ballet theaterKirov

Joffrey Ballet’s current homeChicago

British ballet theaterRoyal Ballet

George Balanchine established this theater in the U.SNew York City Ballet

Theater Baryshnikov directed from 1980-89American Ballet Theater

He defected from the Kirov Ballet in 1961.Rudolph Nureyev

Defected from the Bolshoi Ballet in 1974Mikhail Baryshnikov (Misha)

Ballerina who defected from  Kirov Ballet, 1970Natalia Makarova

British ballerina known as Margot HookhamMargot Fonteyn

Classic 1948 ballet filmThe Red Shoes

West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof choreographerJerome Robbins

Rodeo and Oklahoma! choreographerAgnes de Mille

Appalachian Spring choreographer Martha Graham

Grand Hotel choreographerTommy Tune

Movie Hair choreographerTwyla Tharp

Singin’ in the Rain dancer and choreographerGene Kelly

Afternoon of a Faun choreographerVaslav Nijinsky

Chicago Ballet founderMaria Tallchief

American Dance Theater founderAlvin Ailey

Moscow School of Dance founder Isadora Duncan (

died when her scarf got caught in an auto tire)

Native American ballerinas from OklahomaMaria and Marjorie Tallchief

Maria Tallchief’s husbandGeorge Balanchine

Vernon Castle’s ballroom dancing partnerIrene (Foote) Castle

Tap dancer who danced with Shirley TempleBill “Bojangles” Robinson

Black, St. Louis-born dancer who lived in FranceJosephine Baker

Famous fan dancerSally Rand

Famous burlesque stripperGypsy Rose Lee

Top Hat and The Gay Divorcee dancerFred Astaire

Fred Astaire’s sisterAdele Astaire

Dance Party hostArthur Murray

The Tap Dance Kid starSavion Glover

Denishawn Dance School foundersTed Shawn and Ruth St. Denis

Radio City Music Hall dancersRockettes

Number of classical ballet positionsFive

Ballet move bending at the kneePlié

Ballet move extending one leg 90 degreeArabesque

Ballet where dancer is spinning on one foot, with raised foot touching the kneePirouette

Ballet dance for twoPas de deux

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