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SAN FRANCISCOFisherman's Wharf is in what U.S. city?
PHOENIXWhat state capitol has the largest population?
ReykjavikWhat is the northern-most world capital city?
La PazAmong world capitals, which capital is highest in elevation?


US Cities:

Largest city in the United States New York, NY

Second-largest city in the United States Los Angeles, CA

Northernmost state capital Juneau, AK

Southernmost state capital Honolulu, HI

Easternmost state capital Augusta, ME

Westernmost state capital Honolulu, HI

Northernmost state capital of the 48 states Olympia, WA

Southernmost state capital of the 48 states Austin, TX

Westernmost state capital of the 48 states Salem, OR

Oldest state capital Santa Fe, NM

State capital with the largest population Phoenix, AZ

State capital with the smallest population Montpelier, VT

State capital covering the largest area Juneau, AK

State capital highest in elevation Santa Fe, NM

Oldest U.S. city St. Augustine, FL

The “City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia, PA

The “Biggest Little City in the World” Reno, NV

“City of Lakes” Minneapolis, MN

Alamo city San Antonio, TX

The Big Peach Atlanta, GA

Chocolate capital of the world Hershey, PA

The Hub of the Universe Boston, MA

Pittsburgh of the South Birmingham, AL

Rubber capital of the world Akron, OH

Windy City Chicago, IL

Wright brothers’ hometown Dayton, OH

Omaha’s twin city Council Bluffs, IA

Michigan city named for an Indian chief Pontiac

Washington city named for an Indian chief Seattle

The Queen City Cincinnati, OH

Beacon Street city Boston, MA

Beale Street city Memphis, TN

Athens of the South, Music city, USA Nashville, TN

Crescent City New Orleans, LA

Motor City, Windsor, Ontario’s sister city Detroit, MI

Baghdad by the Bay San Francisco, CA

Sunshine city St. Petersburg, FL

First capital of California San Jose

Tennessee “Manhattan Project” city Oak Ridge

Tennessee World’s Fair city Knoxville (named for John Knox)

End of the Oregon Trail Astoria, OR  (named for John J. Astor)

City of Roses Portland, OR

The Witch City Salem, MA

The Crossroads of the West Salt Lake City, UT

The Disney City Orlando, FL

Mt. Washington overlooks this city Pittsburgh, PA

Stone Mountain overlooks this city Atlanta, GA

New Mexico ski resort Taos

Alabama port Mobile

Georgia port Savannah

New Hampshire port Portsmouth

Maine port Portland

Mississippi port Biloxi

South Carolina port Charleston

Pennsylvania Great Lakes port Erie

Minnesota Great Lakes port Duluth

Indiana Great Lakes port Gary

Johns Hopkins University city Baltimore, MD

Mayo Brothers Clinic city Rochester, MN

Lincoln Park Zoo city Chicago, IL

Insurance capital of the world Hartford, CN

NASA city in Alabama Huntsville

The streets in Monopoly are found here Atlantic City, NJ

Rhode Island jazz festival city Newport

Cradle of Jazz New Orleans, LA

Gateway to the West St. Louis, MO

Highest incorporated city in the U.S Leadville, CO

Comstock Lode city Virginia City, NV

U.S. city with the most fountains Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO sister city Kansas City, KS

Kansas penitentiary city Leavenworth

South Dakota frontier city Deadwood

Pabst Mansion city Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin city meaning “clear water” Au Claire

OK Corral city Tombstone, AZ

City served by Logan Airport Boston, MA

City served by Skye Harbor Airport Phoenix, AZ

City served by Ronald Reagan Airport Washington, D.C.

City served by John Wayne Airport Long Beach (Orange County)

City served by Love Field Dallas, TX

City served by George H.W. Bush Airport Houston, TX

City served by Midway Airport Chicago, IL

City served by Will Rogers & Wiley Post Airports Tulsa, OK

City served by Lambert Field St. Louis

Home of Gardner Museum Boston, MA

Home of Field Museum Chicago, IL

Home of Will Rogers Museum Claremore, OK

Home of J. Paul Getty Museum Malibu, CA

Home of Eisenhower Museum Abilene, KS

Home of 6th Floor Museum Dallas, TX

Home of Lake Superior Museum of Transport Duluth, MN

Home of the Peale Museum Philadelphia, PA

Home of the Field Museum Chicago, IL

Home of the Heard Museum Phoenix, AZ

Home of the Frick Museum Pittsburgh, PA

Home of the Ringling Brothers Museum Sarasota, FL

Home of the Norman Rockwell Museum Stockbridge. MA

Home of the Colorado Ski Museum Vail

Home of The Smithsonian Washington, D.C.

World Cities:

World’s oldest walled city Jericho

World’s oldest continuously inhabited city Damascus

Northernmost world capital Reykjavik

Southernmost world capital Wellington

World capital highest in elevation La Paz

European capital highest in elevation Madrid

Asian capital highest in elevation Thimphu, Bhutan

North American capital highest in elevation Mexico City

City with the most fountains Rome

The Waltz City Vienna

The Jewel of the Adriatic Venice

The City of Lights Paris

The Pearl of the Orient Manila

The City of Bridges Stockholm

City formerly known as Christiana Oslo

City formerly known as Tenochtitlan Mexico City

City formerly known as Philadelphia Amman, Jordan

City formerly known as Edo Tokyo

City formerly known as New Amsterdam New York City

City formerly known as Fort York Toronto

City formerly known as Batavia Jakarta

City formerly known as Leningrad St. Petersburg

City formerly known as Lutentia Paris

City formerly known as Danzig Gdansk

City formerly known as Constantinople Istanbul

City formerly known as Angora Ankara

City formerly known as Saigon Ho Chi Minh City

City formerly known as Rangoon Yangon

City formerly known as Salisbury Harare

Home of the world’s tallest building Dubai

Home of the Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Home of the Taj Mahal Agra, India

Home of the Hermitage St. Petersburg, Russia

Home of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Home of the Benaki Museum Athens

Home of the Uffizi Museum and the Bargello Florence

Home of the Victoria and Albert Museum London

Home of the Prado Madrid

Home of the Tretyakov Museum Moscow

Home of the Guggenheim Museum New York

Home to the Kon-Tiki Museum Oslo

Interpol headquarters Paris

NATO headquarters Brussels

WHO headquarters Geneva

OPEC headquarters Vienna

Former League of Nations headquarters Geneva

Nobel Prizes (except Peace) awarded here Stockholm

Where Nobel Peace Prize is awarded Oslo

Author’s Note: There seems to be great confusion about the world’s largest city. If you check five different sources, you could quite possibly get five different answers from Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Seoul, Calcutta, etc. TV game shows normally will not ask this question because of this confusion. If you are forced to guess at a trivia night, the most popular responses are Shanghai and Tokyo. You might try your luck by picking one of these.

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