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Etch A SketchWhat company still makes and distributes the Etch A Sketch?

Business & Industry

Headquarters of:

Monsanto St. Louis, MO

Proctor & Gamble Cincinnati, OH

Heinz Pittsburgh, PA

Boeing Chicago, IL

Saturn auto plant Springhill, TN

Tyson Foods Springdale, AR

Nike Beaverton, OR

Anheuser-Busch St. Louis, MO

Coca-Cola Atlanta, GA

Neiman-Marcus Dallas, TX

Goodyear Akron, OH

Rubbermaid Worster, OH

Federal Express Memphis, TN

Eastman Kodak Rochester, NY

Land-O-Lakes Minneapolis, MN

General Electric Schenectady, NY

Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg. TN

Tandy Fort Worth, TX

Heinz Pittsburgh, PA

USX Pittsburgh, PA

Pillsbury Minneapolis, MN

Quaker Oats Cedar Rapids, IA

Kellogg Battle Creek, MI

Berlitz Providence, RI

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Waterbury, VT

Other Facts:

St. Petersburg, Russia jewelry firm Faberge

World's largest furnature retailer Ikea (Sweden)

Delaware chemical company DuPont

Capital Cities network ABC

Parent company of CBS Viacom

Parent company of NBC General Electric

Pancake brand started in 1893 Aunt Jemima

Standard Oil of New Jersey Exxon

Auto maker who declared bankruptcy in 1940 Preston Tucker

“Flying Colors” airline that went bankrupt in 1981 Braniff

Dutch airline; the world’s oldest KLM

Brazil’s airline Varig

Israel’s airline El Al

Russian airline Aeroflot

Scandinavian airline SAS

Germany’s airline Lufthansa

Belgian airline Sabena

Hong Kong’s airline Cathay Pacific

Switzerland’s airlines Crossair, Swissair

Australia’s airline Qantas

Spain’s airline Iberia

Top U.S. shipping company Federal Express

Top U.S. rental car company Enterprise

Top U.S. prescription medicine outlet Walgreen’s

Top-selling U.S. motor oil company Pennzoil

Largest U.S. tire and rubber company Goodyear

Largest U.S. chemical company DuPont

Second largest U.S. chemical company Dow

World's largest chip maker Intel

Largest U.S. cigarette maker Phillip Morris

Ray Ban sunglasses maker Bausch and Lomb

Pony Express owners Wells Fargo

Billboard ad company and newspaper chain owner Gannett

Company that uses the Red Cross symbol Johnson & Johnson

Bennett Cerf’s publishing company Random House

Maine company with outdoor gear catalogues L.L. Bean

San Francisco high tech catalogue company Sharper Image

U.S. largest exporter Boeing

Maker of Cheerios General Mills

Number one office supply store Staples

Vermont ice cream maker Ben And Jerry’s

“All Natural” ice cream maker Breyers

German aspirin company Bayer

Owner of Jeopardy! and Columbia-Tri Star Sony

Arkansas frozen foods company Tyson

Lean Cuisine maker Stouffer’s

Top soy sause maker Kikkoman

Little Rock yogurt chain TCBY

They had the first roasted coffee in cans, 1878 Chase and Sandbourn

Coffee brand named after a Memphis hotel Maxwell House

Spam maker Hormel

World’s largest spice company McCormack and Company

Largest electric razor company Norelco

Maker of the C90 super computer Cray Research

Dallas semiconductor company Texas Instruments

Scotch Tape-brand maker 3M

Company that built the Queen Elizabeth Cunard

North Dakota computer merchant Gateway

French maker of disposable lighters and razors Bic

Largest U.S. maker of pasteurized orange juice Tropicana

Largest U.S. maker of fruit juices Ocean Spray

Etch-a-Sketch maker Ohio Art

Barbie maker Mattel

GI Joe maker Hasbro

First yo yo maker Duncan

Hula Hoop maker Wham-O

Magic Eight Ball maker Mattel

USA's largest toy distributor McDonnalds

Leading maker of processed turkey products Louis Rich

Company whose symbol is a monocled peanut Planters

Maker of Zima Coors

U.S. largest pharmasidical company Pfizer

Top selling beer Budwiser

Top selling imported beer Corona

Auto values book company Kelly Blue Book

Only major motorcycle maker in U.S Harley-Davidson

Credit reporting firm and rocket engine builder TRW

“Kleenex” maker Kimberly-Clark

First company to mass-market baby foods Gerber

World’s largest food company Nestle

Banana Republic and Old Navy owner The Gap

Former name of Chiquita brands United Fruit Company

Former chairman of Occidental Petroleum Armand Hammer

Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’s original partner Steve Wozniak

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates

Bill Gates’ original partner Paul Allen

Current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

AMR CEO Gerald Aprey

QVC CEO Barry Diller

Ford CEO Jacques Nasser

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett

Chrysler chairman, 1979-92 Lee Iacocca

Founder of Wendy’s Restaurants Dave Thomas

Founder of McDonald’s Restaurants Ray Kroc

Founder of TWA Howard Hughes

Founder of CBS William Paley

Founder of Kodak George Eastman

Founder of FOX entertainment Rupert Murdoch

Founder of Paramount Pictures Adolph Zukor

Founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey

Founder of Yahoo Jerry Young & David Filo

Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange

Founded Hawaiian Pineapple Company in 1901 James Dole

Founded American Fur Company in 1808 John Jacob Astor

Founded Chicago’s largest department store, 1881 Marshall Field

Aaron Ward’s middle name Montgomery

WWI flier and Eastern Airlines chairman Eddie Rickenbacker

Astronaut and Eastern Airlines chairman Frank Borman

State incorporating most Fortune 500 companies Delaware

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