The Bible

The Old Testament:

Biblical unit of weight Shekel

Biblical unit of length Cubit

First book of Bible named after a tribe Leviticus

Book that tells of the destruction of Jerusalem Lamentations

First five books of Bible Pentateuch (Torah)

Last book of Old Testament Malachi

Books named after women Esther, Ruth

Book of wisdom, written by David Psalms

Book written by Solomon Proverbs

First book, alphabetically Amos

Book with shortest name Job

Animals that spoke The serpent of Eden, Balaam’s ass

Adam and Eve’s sons Cain, Abel, Seth

Oldest man in Bible Methuselah (969 years)

Hunter in Genesis Nimrod

Cities destroyed by fire and brimstone Sodom and Gomorrah

His wife was turned into a pillar of salt Lot

Tower in Genesis Tower of Babel

Noah’s sons Shem, Ham, Japheth

Mountain where ark came to rest Ararat

Birds Noah sent out from the ark Dove, raven

Father of Israel or The Father of Many Nations Abraham

Abraham’s wife Sarah

Abraham’s oldest son, father of all Muslims Ishmael

Abraham’s son, father of Jacob Isaac

Abraham’s nephew Lot

Isaac’s wife Rebekah

Isaac’s twin sons Jacob and Esau

He wrestled with an angel Jacob

Jacob’s wives Rachel and Leah

Rachel’s sons Joseph and Benjamin

Zipporah’s husband Moses

Father of Zipporah, priest of the Midianites Jethro

Brother of Moses Aaron

Sister of Moses Miriam

Number of years the Israelites were in Egypt Four Hundred

Mountain where Moses received Ten Commandments Mount Sinai

Chest containing the Ten Commandments Ark of the Covenant

Food supplied to the Israelites Manna and quail

Moses sent this spy into Canaan Caleb

Leader of Israelites after Moses Joshua

Land “flowing with milk and honey” Canaan

Walled city conquered by Joshua Jericho

He defeated the Midianites with 300 men Gideon

Haman’s wife Esther

Ruth’s mother-in-law Naomi

Ruth’s husband Boaz

Righteous man from Uz Job

Prophet taken to heaven on a chariot of fire Elijah

Prophet from Nineveh, swallowed by “great fish” Jonah

Prophet who advised Saul Samuel

Prophetess who helped the Israelites in Canaan Deborah

Dogs ate her flesh Jezebel

Jezebel’s husband Ahab

Man taken to the Valley of the Bones Ezekiel

First king of Israel Saul

Saul’s son Jonathan

King after Saul David

David’s father Jesse

David slew this Philistine giant Goliath

David’s great grandmother Ruth

David’s love Bathsheba

Bathsheba’s husband, sent off to war by David Uriah the Hittite

David’s sons Absalom, Solomon

David played this instrument Lyre (harp)

King of Babylon who destroyed Jerusalem Nebuchadnezzar

He interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream Daniel

They were thrown into the fiery furnace Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

Biblical horn Shofar

The New Testament:

The four Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

Shortest Gospel Mark

Book that tells story of Jesus’ birth Matthew

First book after Gospels Acts (of the Apostles)

Last book Revelation

Author of Revelations John

Author of Acts Luke (the physician)

The one who preceded Jesus John the Baptist

Mother of John the Baptist Elizabeth

Father of John the Baptist Zechariah

She called for the head of John the Baptist Salomé

Where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Jordan River

Jewish king who ordered the death of male babies Herod (the Great)

Birthplace of Jesus Bethlehem

Wise men who came to Bethlehem Magi (not used in Bible)

Names of the three wise men Caspar, Balthazar, Melchior

Gifts the wise men brought to Jesus Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh

Home city of Jesus Nazareth

Language of Jesus Aramaic

Mother of Jesus Mary

Mother of Mary Anne

Mary’s husband Joseph

Angel who appeared before Mary Gabriel

City where Jesus performed first miracle Cana (turned water into wine)

Jesus’ sermon in Matthew and Luke Sermon on the Mount

Eight blessings found in the Sermon on the Mount Beatitudes

The first apostle Andrew

Apostle brothers who were fishermen Peter and Andrew

Apostle brothers, “the sons of thunder” John and James

Apostle Jesus called “The Rock” Peter

Apostle who betrayed Jesus Judas Iscariot

Means of Judas’s death Hung himself

Tax collector Apostle Matthew

Apostle who doubted Jesus’s resurrection Thomas

Apostle who denied Jesus three times Peter

Apostle who replaced Judas Matthias

Man who was stoned to death, first Christian martyr Stephen

Man Jesus raised from the dead Lazarus (“God has helped”)

Place where Jesus was arrested Garden of Gethsemane

Where Garden of Gethsemane is located Mount of Olives

Crime Jesus was charged with Blasphemy

Man who defended Jesus Nicodemus

Judean Procurator; he “washed his hands” of Jesus’ death Pontius Pilate

High priests that sent Jesus to Pilate Annas and Caiaphus

Criminal released instead of Jesus Barabbas

Hill where Jesus was crucified Calvary

Man who provided a tomb for Jesus Joseph of Arimathea

She witnessed Jesus’ resurrection Mary Magdalene

Number of days between Jesus’ resurrection and transfiguration Forty

The two who appeared at Jesus’ transfiguration Moses and Elisha

Formerly Saul, who wrote much of New Testament Paul

Paul’s occupation Tentmaker

Island where Paul was ship wrecked Malta

Companion and messenger of Paul Timothy

The last battle in the book of Revelation Armageddon

The four horsemen of the apocalypse War, Famine, Pestilence, Death

Shortest verse in the Bible Jesus wept (John 11:35)

Biblical scrolls found in 1947 Dead Sea Scrolls

Location of Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran