Identify the following works of art. Roll over for correct answer.
The Scream

Portrait of Dr.Gachet

Persistence of Memory



The Scout


The Thinker

Blue Boy

Starry Night

View of Toledo

School of Athens

Bulls of Bordeau

American Gothic

Jacques Louis David

Jackson Pollock

Leroy Neiman

The Last Supper

Claude Monet


The Shipwreck Turner

James Whistler

Art & Artists 

Art Terms:

Ancient Greek art using decorative tilesMosaic

Decorative style of 12th to 16th centuryBaroque

18th century style of light colors and irregular curvesRococo (Watteau)

Sensational style of the 1830’sRomanticism

French style of the late 19th centuryImpressionism (Van Gogh, Monet)

Style popular at the turn of the 20th centuryPost-impressionism (Cezanne)

Emotional style of the early 20th centuryExpressionism (Munch)

“Wild” style of the 20th centuryFauvism (Matisse)

Style popular in Zurich during early 20th centuryDadaism (Duchamp, Arp)

Modern artistic style using metals, 1920’s and ‘30’sArt deco (Empire State Building)

Geometric styleCubism (Picasso, Braque)

Non-representational 20th century abstract styleAbstract art (Mondrian)

Dreamlike effect styleSurrealism (Dali, Magritte)

Artistic style using splashing and pouring of paintAbstract expressionism (Pollock [aka Jack the Dripper], de Kooning)

Style of 1950s and 60s using celebrity images...Pop art (Warhol, Liechtenstein)

Abstract art of optical illusionOp art

Dry paintingSand painting

Wet plaster paintingFresco

Body artTattoo

Bone or ivory carvingsScrimshaw

Paint with egg yolk binderTempera

Quick-drying paints developed in 1960’sAcrylics

Artists and their Art:

Bartholdi, Frederic (French)Statue of Liberty

Borglum, Gutzon (American)The carvings at Mt. Rushmore

Botticelli, Sandro (Italian)The Birth of Venus

Brancusi, Constantin (Romanian)Bird in Space

Braque, Georges (French)Violin and Pitcher

Cassatt, Mary (American impressionist)The Conversation

Cellini, Benvenuto (Italian)Perseus With the Head of Medusa

Cezanne, Paul (French)Still Life With Basket of Apples

Chagail, Marc (Russian)I and the Village

Constable, John (English)Brighton Beach

Dali, Salvador (Spanish surrealist)The Persistence of Memory

David, Jacques-Louis (French)The Death of Marat

The Death of Socrates

Degas, Edgar (French)Statue of a Real Girl

Rehearsal at the Ballet

Delacroix, Eugéne (French)Liberty Leading the People

Donatello (Italian)David (in bronze)

Duchamp, Marcel (French, chess player)Nude Descending a Staircase

El Greco (Spanish)View of Toledo

French, Daniel Chester (American)The Minuteman

Lincoln (seated at the Lincoln Memorial)

Gainsborough, Thomas (English)The Blue Boy

Gauguin, Paul (French, lived in Tahiti)Tahitian Women

Goya, Francisco (deaf Spaniard)The Bulls of Bordeaux

The Invasion of Spain

The 2nd of May

Nude Maja

Clothed Maja

Hogarth, William (American)The Rake’s Progress series

Holbein, Hans, the Younger (English)Henry VIII

Homer, Winslow (American seascape painter)The Gulf Stream

Breezing Up

Hopper, Edward (American)Nighthawks Leonardo da Vinci (Italian, left-handed painter, buried in France)

Mona Lisa (La Gaconda)

The Last Supper

Adoration of the Magi

Manet, Édouard (French)A Bar at the Folies-Bergéres


Matisse, Henri (French)The Dance

Michelangelo (Italian)David (sculpture in marble)

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

The Last Supper

The Rebellious Slave

Pieta (sculpture)

Millet, Jean-Francois (French)The Gleaners

Monet, Claude (from Giverny, France)Le Havre Harbor

Water Lilies

Luncheon on the Grass

The Rouen Cathedral


Munch, Edvard (Norwegian)The Scream

Picasso, Pablo (Spanish)Gertrude Stein

Les Noces de Pierrette


Raphael (Italian)School of Athens

Rembrandt (van Rijn, Dutch)The Night Watch

Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer

Jacob Wrestling with an Angel

Remington, Frederick (American sculptor)The Cheyenne

The Scout

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (French)Les Parapluies

Rivera, Diego (Mexican Muralist)The Agrarian Leader Zapata

Man at the Crossroads (mural)

Rodin, August (French sculptor)The Thinker (Le Penseur)

The Burghers of Calais

Age of Bronze

Man With a Broken Nose

The Kiss

Rousseau, Henri (French)Sleeping Gypsy

Rubens, Peter Paul (Dutch)Venus and Adonis

Adoration of the Magi

Descent from the Cross

Segal, George (American sculptor)The Diner

Seurat, Georges (French pointillist)La Grande Jatte

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de (French)At the Moulin Rouge

Turner, William (English)The Shipwreck

Velázquez, Diego (Spanish)Phillip IV of Spain

Van Dyck, Anthony (Flemish)Charles I of England

Van Gogh, Vincent (Dutch, lived in France) The Potato Eaters

Portrait of Dr. Gachet (sold for $75 million. 1990)

Sunflowers (sold for $36.2 million, 1987)

Starry Night (subject of Don Maclean song)

Cornfield and Cypress Trees

Irises (sold for $49 million, 1987)

Red Vineyard (the only painting he sold)

Verrocchio, Andrea del (Italian)Madonna and Child

Bronze Boy with Dolphin

Whistler, James (American)

The Artist’s Mother: Arrangement Gray and Black (Whistler’s Mother)

Wood, Grant (American)American Gothic

Wyeth, Andrew (American)Christina’s World

Helga series

Other Facts:

Venetian 15th century fresco painterFilippo Lippi

Venetian 16th century Renaissance painterTitian

Venetian 16th century mannerist fresco painterTintoretto

Mirror writing artistLeonardo da Vinci

Russian-born painter of Biblical worksMarc Chagall

Portrait painter of George WashingtonGilbert Stuart

Action or drip painterJackson Pollock

Impressionist painter of dancers in motionEdgar Degas

Elderly painter of rural scenesGrandma Moses

Artist who cut off his earVincent Van Gogh

Painted men in bowler hats René Magritte

Flemish painter of fleshy nudesPeter Paul Rubens

Dutch domestic scenes painterJan Vermeer

American painter western skies and flowersGeorgia O’Keeffe

American painter of babies and mothersMary Cassatt

British sculptor of reclining figures Henry Moore

John Constable’s rivalWilliam Turner

August Rodin’s student and loverCamille Claudell

Mobiles makerAlexander Calder

Dora Mar posed for himPablo Picasso

Austrian 19th century erotic artistGustav Klimt

Marylin Monroe pop artistAndy Warhol

Diego Rivera’s wifeFrida Kahlo

Painter of sporting events in bright colorsLeroy Nieman

“Painter of Lights”Thomas Kincade

“Kinetic art”Mobiles

Romanian bridge wrapperCristo

Painter of flagsJasper Johns

19th century French landscape painter’s schoolBarbizon School

Landscape painters of the Catskill MountainsHudson River School

French site of ancient cave paintingsLascaux

Spanish site of ancient cave paintingsAlta Mira

Court Painter for:

Henry VIIIHans Holbein the Younger

Charles IAnthony Van Dyck

Philip IV of SpainDiego Velázquez

NapoleonJacques Louis David

Francis I of FranceLeonardo da Vinci

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