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TSE TSE FLYWhat insect is known for causing African sleeping sickness?
Name this arctic hoofed mammal of the family Bovidae
What whale with long flippers is known for its whale-song?
What horse won the 2018 Triple Crown?
What what is the larget flightless bird of Australia?
Fiddler Crab What kind of animal is noted for having one large claw?
Sun Bear What is the world's smallest bear?
Barbary ApeWhat is the tailless ape that lives in Gibralter?
What animal is know as the "cobra killer?"
OkapiWhat is the giraffe's smaller African relative?
VicunaWhat South American animal is the smallest member of the camel family?
Whale SharkWhat is the world's largest fish?
SlothWhat South American tree-dweller is also a name for one of the Seven Deadly Sins?
YakWhat long-haired Hymalayan bovine is one of the largest members of the cow family?
AFRICAN GREY PARROTWhat type of bird talks the best?
Giant SqiidWhat animal has the largest eye?


What is this large venomous lizard of the southwest United States?
What is the world's largest amphibian?
The answer is IBIS What bird was sacred to ancient Egypt?
SECRETARIATWhat horse was on the cover of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated in 1973?
BUSHMASTERWhat pit viper is the Western Hemisphere's most venimous snake?
APPALOOSAWhat type of horse was frist bred by the Nez Perce Indians?

Animal Kingdom

Classifications of Animals: Example

Kingdom Animal

Phylum Cordate

Class Mammal

Order Primate

Family Hominoidea

Genus Homo sapiens

Species Human being

Animal Facts:

World’s tallest animal Giraffe

World’s second-tallest animal Elephant

World’s fastest animal Cheetah

World’s second-fastest animal Pronghorn antelope

World’s fastest two-footed animal Ostrich

Longest living animal Giant tortoise

Longest living mammal Man

Second-longest living mammal Elephant

Largest living animal Blue whale

Toothless whale with two blowholes Baleen

Whale with long flippers Humpback

Whale with unicorn-like projection Narwhal

Orc or orca Killer whale

Deepest-diving whale Sperm whale

Lowest animal in food chain Plankton

“Sea cow” Manatee

Manatee relative Dugong

Sea lion, seal, and walrus family Pinniped

Largest pinniped Elephant seal

Male and female pinniped which have tusks Walrus

“Mud puppy” and “hellbender” Salamanders

Largest amphibian Japanese salamander

Number of hearts in an octopus Three

Freshwater crustacean Crayfish (crawdad)

Oyster, clam, and mussel class Bivalves

Freshwater pearl source Mussels

“Blue point” bivalve Oyster

“Cherrystone” bivalve Clam

Stone and snow sea creatures Crabs

Animal with largest eye Giant squid

Sea hedgehog Sea urchin

Crab with one big claw Fiddler crab

Crab that uses a discarded shell Hermit crab

Crab and scorpion family Arthropod

Cone gastropod Snail

Best-swimming bear Polar bear

Largest bears Polar and Kodiak bears

South America’s only bear Speckled bear

Animals of Australia Marsupials

Eucalyptus-eating marsupial Koala (not a bear)

North America’s only marsupial Opossum (possum)

Baby kangaroo Joey

The kangaroo’s smaller relative Wallaby

Marsupial with the strongest jaws Tasmanian Devil

“Hairy nosed” marsupial Wombat

Symbol of the World Wildlife Fund (Giant) Panda

North American panda relative Racoon

South American raccoon relative Coati

Source of mohair Goat

Camelopard a.k.a Giraffe

Giraffe’s smaller African relative Okapi

Himalayan ox Yak

Wooly ox of northern Canada and Greenland Musk-ox

Long-horned European member of goat family Ibex

Burchell’s animal Zebra

Thompson’s animal Gazelle

South African gazelle Springbok

World’s largest antelope Eland

Gnu a.k.a Wildebeest

“Ship of the desert” Camel

One-humped camel Dromedary

Two-humped camel Bactrian

Smallest member of camel family Vicuna (South America)

South America’s largest member of camel family Llama

Llama relative raised for wool Alpaca

Narrow-snouted crocodile of Asia Gavial

World’s largest snake Python

Western Hemisphere’s largest snake Anaconda

Adder and rattlesnake family Viper

Western hemisphere's largest pit viper Bushmaster

Africa's fastest & most lethal snake Black momba

Egyptian cobra Asp

World’s longest poisonous snake (Southeast Asia) King cobra

Cobra killer Mongoose

Suricate, a.k.a Meerkat

Turtle shell Carapace

World’s largest lizard Komodo dragon

Western hemisphere’s largest lizard Iguana

Small lizard with suction cup feet Gecko

Lizard of Galapagos Islands Marine iguana

Venomous lizard of US southwest Gila monster

Great apes Gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, bonobo

Two types of gorilla Mountain and lowland

Dominant male gorilla Silverback

Great ape of Borneo and Sumatra Orangutan

Pan family great ape Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee’s close relative Bonobo

Monkey of Madagascar Lemur

Tailless macaques of Gibraltar Barbary apes

Monkey with red nose and blue cheeks Mandrill

Asian monkey used in research Rhesus monkey

Monkey that can be heard for several miles Howler monkey

Long-armed monkey with prehensile tail Spider monkey

Long-armed ape of Southeast Asia Gibbon

Small new-world monkey Marmoset

Smallest monkey Pygmy marmoset

Slow, hanging tree-dweller of South America Sloth

South American long-snouted mammal Tapir

South American fur-bearing rodent Chinchilla

The hippopotamus’ smaller relative Pygmy hippopotamus

Only venomous mammal Duckbilled platypus

Egg-laying mammals Duckbilled platypus and spiny anteater (echidna)

Flying mammal Bat

Blood-sucking bat Vampire bat

Navigational method of bats Echo location

African cat-like mammal Civet

“Golden” African predator Golden Jackal

Spotted “laughing” carnivore Hyena

World’s largest rodent Capybara

North America’s largest rodent Beaver

“Golden” chubby-cheeked rodent Golden hamster

Arboreal rodent Squirrel

Rodent from Mongolia Gerbil

“Suicidal” rodent from Antarctica Lemming

Ermine, ferret, and badger family Weasel

Largest member of deer family Moose

Only deer family member where both sexes have horns Caribou

Thompson's graceful antelope Gazelle

Prairie wolf Coyote

Cow-like Bovine

Goat-like Hircine

Bear-like Caprine or Ursine

Fox-like Vulpine

Wolf-like Lupine

Sheep-like Ovine

Pig-like Porcine

Group of moose Lodge

Caudal vertebrae in animals Tail


The study of birds Ornithology

Largest bird, with largest eggs (flightless) Ostrich

Large, flightless South American bird Rhea

Large, flightless Australian bird Emu

Fastest bird Peregrine falcon*

Name for New Zealand flightless bird and native fruit Kiwi

Adelie, emperor, and king bird Penguins

Snow, Canadian, and blue breeds Geese

North Atlantic “sea-parrot” Puffin

Brown and white “Fishhawk” bird Osprey

Nocturnal singing bird Nightingale

Only North American bird that hibernates Whippoorwill

North America’s most common dove Mourning dove

“Gooney bird,” unlucky to sailors Albatross

Trumpeter, mute, coscoroba and whistling Swans

Sandhill and whooping birds Cranes

Tallest bird of North America Whooping crane

Redwing and grackle birds Blackbirds

Golden and bald type of bird Eagle

Bird that mimics other birds Mocking bird

Ruby-throated bird, only bird that can fly backwards Hummingbird

Smallest bird Bee hummingbird

South American vulture Andean condor

South American bird with largest bill Toucan

“Laughing jackass” of Australia Kookaburra

Shangri-la bird Bird of paradise

Largest member of crow family Raven

“Scarlet” parrot Macaw

Purple-black Asian bird that mimics humans Mynah bird

Yellow songbird Gold finch

Downy duck that can dive to 180 feet Eider

Black-footed and red-footed sea bird Booby

Arizona bird that can run 18.6 miles per hour Roadrunner

Sacred Egyptian bird Ibis

Mythical bird that rose from the ashes Phoenix

Bird that migrates from arctic to antarctic Arctic tern

Most common domesticated bird Chicken

Young swan Cygnet

Young pigeon Squab

Pigeon extinct since 1914 Passenger pigeon

Large penguin-like bird, extinct since 1850 Great auk

Large, flightless extinct land pigeon Dodo

First known feathered bird to become extinct Archaeopteryx

Flying dinosaur Pterodactyl

Legendary bird encountered by Sinbad Roc

*Some sources list the split-tailed swift as the fastest bird


World’s largest cat Tiger

The Americas’ largest cat Jaguar

Most popular breed of domesticated cat Persian

“Clouded” cat Clouded leopard

Pointed-eared cat Lynx

Lynx North American relative with short tail Bobcat

Tailless cat named for an island Manx

Other names for cougar Mountain lion, puma

Ethiopian domestic cat Abyssinian

Nearly-hairless cat Sphinx cat

Cat with “tiger” coat Tabby

Southeast Asian domestic cat Siamese

Fever caused by parvo-virus Distemper

Swollen lymph nodes Cat scratch fever


Tallest dog Irish wolfhound

Smallest domestic breed Chihuahua

Most common registered breed Labrador Retriever

Dog of the Netherlands Keeshond

Non-barking African dog Basenji

Chinese royal dog Pekingese

Chinese wrinkled-skin dog Shar-pei

“Lion dog” of Chinese nobles Shih tzu

Ancient Chinese dog with lion-like mane Chow chow

Mediterranean island lap dog Maltese

Stag hunting dog Deerhound

Loose skinned dog used in finding people Blood hound

Tibetan dog Lhasa apso

Fluffy white Siberian sled dog Samoyed

Sled dog with blue eyes Siberian husky

Japanese guard dog Akita

Whippet breed Greyhound

Queen Victoria’s dog Collie

French “butterfly” dog Papillion

St. John’s dog Labrador retriever

Russian wolfhound Borzoi

Dog named after eastern U.S. bay Chesapeake Bay retriever

South African-bred dog Rhodesian ridgeback

South African wild hunting dog Cape hunting dog

Large dog from Swiss Alps St. Bernard

Australian wild dog Dingo

African wild dog Jackel

World’s premier sheep dog Border collie

Silky and Yorkshire breeds Terrier

Largest terrier Airedale terrier

Irish, Gordon, and English breeds Setter

“Toto’s” breed (from Wizard of Oz) Cairn terrier

Richard Nixon’s dog Checkers

FDR’s dog Fala

Lyndon Johnson's beagles Him and Her

George Bush’s dog Millie

Barack Obama's dog Bo

German Shepherd with TV show Rin Tin Tin

Dog from Petticoat Junction who later made movies Benji

George Jetson’s dog Astro

Sgt. Preston’s dog (Yukon) King

Dog in Call of the Wild Buck

RCA trademark dog Nipper

Top American dog show Westminster Kennel Club

Number of breeds recognized by AKC 167

World’s longest dogsled race Iditarod

Sea Creatures

The study of fish Ichthyology

Sargasso sea fish Eel

Blood-sucking eel Lamprey

Skipjack fish Tuna

Pollock and haddock type Cod

“Tiger of the sea” Barracuda

Mako, tope and nurse types Shark

Three types of man-eating shark Great White, Hammerhead, Tiger

Shark skeletal material Cartledge

Largest fish Whale shark

Largest predatory fish Great white shark

Fish that attaches itself to a shark Remora

South American predatory fish Piranha

Fish with fangs Viper Fish

Cowled fish Monk fish

"Devil fish" Manta ray

Recently discovered prehistoric fish Coelacanth

Caviar comes from this fish Sturgeon

“Freshwater shark” Pike

Fish that inflates when threatened Puffer fish

Brook and rainbow fish Trout

Sepia ink fish Cuttlefish

Portguese man-o'-war and seawasp Jellyfish

Full name for “Musky” Muskellunge

Muskellunge family Pike

Thai aquarium fish Fighting fish

Species that has ability to change color Grouper

Largest salmon Chinook

Pipe fish relative; male carries young in its pouch Sea horse

Fish that spawn on beach under full moon Grunion

Most poisonous fish Rock fish

Fish in The Old Man and the Sea Marlin

Fish disease characterized by white spots Ich


Horse belonging to:

Roy Rogers Trigger

Dale Evans Buttermilk

The Lone Ranger Silver

Tonto Scout

Tom Mix Tony

Hopalong Cassidy Topper

Sergeant Preston Rex

Gene Autry Champion

The Cisco Kid El Diablo

Robert E. Lee Traveller

John Tyler General

U.S. Grant Cincinnati

Duke of Wellington Copenhagen

Napoleon Marengo

Alexander the Great Bucephalus

Don Quixote Rosinante

Wild Bill Hickock Buckshot

El Cid Babieca

Richard III White Surrey

Caligula Incitatus

Other horse facts:

The horse in George Orwell’s Animal Farm Boxer

Son of War Admiral Man-O-War

First horse to win $1,000,000 Citation

Painted horse Pinto

Bedouin horse Arabian

Smallest British breed Shetland

Horse named after Scottish river Clydesdale

Horse bred by the Nez Perce Indians Appaloosa

Horse bred in Vienna Lipizzaner

Original wild horse of U.S. west Mustang

Spanish-bred horse used by Conquistadores Andalusian

Portuguese bred horse Lisitano

Tennessee “stepping” horse Tennessee Walker

Oklahoma City horseshow horse Morgan horse

Triple Crown Winners:

1978 Affirmed

1977 Seattle Slew

1973 Secretariat

1948 Citation

1946 Assault

1943 Count Fleet

1941 Whirlaway

1937 War Admiral

1935 Omaha

1930 Gallant Fox

1919 Sir Barton

Horse racing’s triple crown events:

Kentucky Derby (The Run for the Roses) Churchill Downs; Louisville

Preakness (The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans) Pimlico, Maryland

Belmont Stakes (Run for the Carnations) Belmont Racetrack, New York

Horse Racing’s most winning jockey Russell Blaze

Horse Racing’s second most winning jockey Laffitt Pincay, Jr.

Youngest Triple Crown winning jockey Steve Cauthen

First woman jockey in Horse Racing Hall of Fame Judy Krone

He rode Whirlaway and Citation to the Triple Crown Eddie Arcaro


Study of insects Entomology

Giant green darner Dragonfly

World's largest butterfly Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing

“Regal” migrating insect Monarch butterfly

Hair insect Louse

Insect fiber Silk

Causes African sleeping sickness Tse-tse fly

Egyptian sacred beetle Scarab

“Pious” predator insect Praying mantis

Cellulose-digesting insect Termite

These were a Biblical “scourge” Locusts

Cotton bowl-eating insect Boll weevil

Cause of malaria Anopheles mosquito

First domesticated insect Honey bee

South American fungus-growing ant Leaf-cutter ant

European beetle with powerful pincers Stag beetle

Mexican jumping bean larva Moth

Chemical ants use to communicate Pheromone

Butterfly collector Lepidopterist

Insects studied by Thomas Hunt Morgan Fruit flies

Animal Groups:

Apes Troop

Ants Colony

Bears Slouth

Bisons Obstinacy or Herd

Cheetahs Coalition

Chickens Brood

Clams Bed

Cockroaches Intrusion

Crows Murder

Dogs Pack

Eagles Convocation

Emus Mob

Finches Charm

Gorillas Band

Grasshoppers Cloud

Hippopotamuses Bloat

Hornets Nest

Jellyfist Smack

Kangaroos Troop

Larks Exaltation

Leopards Leap

Lions Pride

Lizards Lounge

Locust Plague

Mice Mischief

Mosquitoes Scourge

Mules Pack

Nightingales Watch

Owls Parliment

Oxen Team

Parrots Company

Pelicans Pod

Penguins Colony

Porcupines Prickle

Prairie dogs Coterie

Quail Covey

Rabbits Warren

Raccoons Gaze

Rats Pack

Rattlesnakes Rhumba

Rhinoceroses Crash

Salamanders Congress

Salmon Run

Seals Pod

Sharks Shiver

Skylarks Exultation

Squirrels Dray

Stingrays Fever

Tigers Ambush

Turtles Bale

Vultures Venue

Zebras Zeal