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TSE TSE FLYWhat insect is known for causing African sleeping sickness?
Name this arctic hoofed mammal of the family Bovidae
What whale with long flippers is known for its whale-song?
What horse won the 2018 Triple Crown?
What what is the largest flightless bird of Australia?
Fiddler Crab What kind of animal is noted for having one large claw?
Barbary ApeWhat is the tailless ape that lives in Gibralter?
What animal is know as the "cobra killer?"
VicunaWhat South American animal is the smallest member of the camel family?
Whale SharkWhat is the world's largest fish?
SlothWhat South American tree-dweller is also a name for one of the Seven Deadly Sins?
AFRICAN GREY PARROTWhat type of bird talks the best?
SECRETARIATWhat horse was on the cover of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated in 1973?
APPALOOSAWhat type of horse was frist bred by the Nez Perce Indians?

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